Courtney and James; a modern fairytale.

What began as a teenage crush in a local supermarket as a box boy and check-out chick; the love story of Courtney and James is one you’ve read about as your favourite happily-ever-after; and one that makes you crave a love like theirs. It’s a story of two people, head over heels for each other; an ever-lasting romance.

“I knew there was something special about Courtney when I first spoke to her; and from that first conversation, our relationship grew into something incredibly special.”

As for James, he just knew. There was something about this girl that he just had to know more about. His curiosity grew over time as the pair continued working together, and their love interest soon lead to a first date at a small Vietnamese restaurant. “We tried new foods, and talked for hours; it was so sweet.”

James’ kind and caring nature stood out to Courtney, even after their first date, and she too, knew that this man; the one who smiled at her while she spoke, and the one who’s face lit up when he saw her, was the one for her.

There was nobody else like him. And at that moment, she realised that she had never felt more in love. 

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