Courtney and James; a fairytale proposal.

A love story we’re all still infatuated with. The fairytale of Courtney and James continues, as their young love blossomed into a romantic, and dedicated relationship spanning over nine years.          Goodbyes became harder and harder, as they had come to realise that they could not be without one another. They knew they were destined to be together. And they knew what they shared was the real deal. Best friends, lovers and soulmates; their romance was unconditional, everlasting love.

A spur of the moment trip to Thailand took the two lovers on the adventure of a lifetime, snorkelling the beautiful waters and journeying through the tropical islands. Little did Courtney know that James had other plans, and that their holiday would soon become more memorable than she'd thought.

The trip was fast approaching, and as she began packing Courtney noticed that James had thrown a jumper into their bag and insisted he bring it with them overseas. “It’s a hundred degrees outside, why would he be bringing that?” she wondered, so she took it out and left it behind.    Unbeknownst to her, James had snuck the jumper back into their bag, as this was where he was hiding her engagement ring.

Once they had arrived, Courtney knew straight away that something was up. James was acting suspiciously, wanting to sit away from other people, less talkative and not his usual self. They went for a quick swim and sat on the sand, admiring the serenity around them.

“You know I love you, right Court?” James asked her. Courtney quickly jumped up, thinking he was joking around and said “Come on, stop being silly. We’ve come here to go snorkelling on this beautiful island, so let’s go!” and off she went back into the water.

As soon as she turned to walk away, she wondered if maybe he was being serious, and thought she had ruined everything. Every island they went to, she waited for him to say or ask something, but he didn’t, and left her hanging.

James had caught on that she knew he was acting strangely, and decided to let her wait it out until they visited the very last island that day. He got down on one knee in the shallow water and asked her to marry him. The two laughed and happy-cried, as the ring was way too big and had to be taped onto Courtney’s finger for the rest of the trip! James later told Courtney about his secret hiding spot for the ring, and they laughed about how it was almost left behind. 

An island getaway became a story the pair love reminiscing about, and soon began the next chapter of their journey together.