Glow Baby by Bonnie Lee

Your wedding day is one the most magical days of your life; filled with endless love, countless moments of joy and a hand to hold for eternity – but it’s not the only thing from the day that you cherish forever. Your wedding captures are truly some of the most looked upon photographs from this day forward and it is vital that your makeup artist finds that perfect balance between your natural desired look and turning that into a flawless natural look for the camera.

 Think about that ‘undone-done’ look that people often joke about, well it’s actually a thing! If you ask for a ‘done but undone, makeup, no makeup style’ you’re not going crazy, it makes perfect sense and 100% achievable – but it is important to know that creating natural makeup for everyday is completely different to creating a natural glowing look captured from the lens. Those natural looks that catch our eye on Pinterest are 99% (I would almost say 100%) a much heavier application of makeup with lots of airbrushing and sorts behind the scenes; both your photographer and your makeup artist will know exactly how this works, which is why it can sometimes seem like your natural look of makeup is a little heavier than you anticipated; but how were you to know this!?

It is the makeup artists job to enlighten you with a look that has you feeling as amazing on the inside as you look on the outside.  We have put together a few ideas on how to get you to fall completely and utterly in love with your natural makeup look.


1.       Get on top of it.

Organise your trial early. It’s the perfect way to get to know your artist and develop your trust in them. She will want to make you look and feel your best so be your open and honest self and maybe even ask for her advice on things she think may suit you – you never know, you could be shown a whole new look you love!


2.       Let it sink in.

After your trial take time to let your look grow on you. At first glance you may completely in love – that’s the goal! But sometimes it may feel like a little more than you would normally wear, but keep in mind that your while your look is still a natural style, the camera dissolves quite a few layers of the skin in its capture, so to pick up those tiny highlighted details and that perfect coloured rouge, it may need to be a little deeper than you initially thought!


3.       Talk it out.

It all about taking the time to have a in depth conversation with your artist. Communicating your ideas may be hard if you not a makeup guru so spend time chatting away about different styles that you like or take in pictures that have caught your eye. Your artist will explain how these looks are created and confirm with you that the smokey eye you are pointing out is in fact a black eyeshadow when you initially discussed a soft natural look; that is ok, this is their job, not yours. As long as you have chat about it and confirmed your direction let their brushes work some magic!


4.       Snap it up.

When you get home (in the right lighting of course) take a few pictures for yourself. You will see first-hand how a camera can soften the deeper features of your makeup; now think about adding in the incredible quality of a professional camera and it will be diminished even more!


5.       You call the shots.

At the end of the day, this is your wedding day; a day for your to forever remember as one of the greatest – if that is with a soft minimalist look or a heavy smokey eye, then you go girl! Rock it.


Most importantly you need to feel incredibly beautiful and comfortable in your makeup. It should be a complete reflection of your true beauty, accentuating your unique features and highlighting your bridal glow. You want to look back and remember how stunning you looked and felt on your wedding day and feel content that your makeup was an extension of your wedding story.

xx Bonnie Lee

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