Ainsley and Daniel; a roller coaster ride

It was an office romance for Ainsley and Daniel, the kind that might be a little forbidden and it started over the copy machine - is this even real life! Yes it is! With Daniel being six foot seven, he had her attention from the very start. Casual chats in the office turned into drinks with colleagues and one particular night, those drinks turned into several hours of chatting until last call was made and they were still there, chatting away while onlookers congratulated them on what a nice couple they made. That was the start of their love story and their very first unofficial date.

Daniel proposed to Ainsley early one morning on their balcony overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With messy hair and pyjamas on, Ainsley managed to squeak out a yes through tears to a kneeling Daniel. They then spent the day celebrating together at The Rocks before climbing the Harbour Bridge to watch the sunset and finished with a dinner at Aria. It was the most perfect day!

Their eshoot came about by me suggesting something a little more ‘risky’. It took a little convincing for Daniel, but I knew that it would be magic - as well as unique and completely fitting for their love story. So Luna Park it was! Of course, it had to be a super busy Sunday night when everyone was about - but turns out these guys embraced my advice to pretend the park was just for them! This was the eshoot I will never forget, it made me think of old school movies - of youth, of a love for the city and a passion to be in the moment. I formed a friendship that day and I found two people who share the same awkward comedy as me! Having learnt more about Ainsley and Daniel over the lead up to and after their wedding, I realised just how perfectly fitting this eshoot was for their tale. And I for one, am so glad that our paths aligned!

Can’t wait to blog their wedding day soon…