Queenstown in Autumn: Layered

A few weeks ago I got to travel to my favourite place in the world for some amazing food photography projects. While I was there I made a promise that I would get up at the crack of dawn each day, pack my little leather rucksack and road trip to some places I hadn't seen before. I wanted to find little spots that were hidden, places that I had to drive a little bit further down that unsealed road to find. I sure did find them! I was by myself on this visit and it was nice to be alone with my thoughts, I found myself actually not thinking much at all. I promised myself I wouldn't leave without a couple of pro selfies, which was an interesting challenge in itself.

This visit, I just enjoyed my lens for what it was and allowed myself to be restricted to the range I had brought with me rather than swapping lenses to get a perfect or traditional composition. My finger was not going wild on the shutter, it was calculated and quiet. I get so darn inspired when I visit Queenstown that I come back feeling accomplished but ready to take on a whole new set of projects. I felt my photography skills grew a lot on this trip by being able to accept limitations and to force myself to do things that are outside of my comfort zone, like taking my first milky way shot! not perfect but a good first attempt. I proved to myself once again that this was the original place where photography took over my soul.