Fine Art Wedding Albums

A little view into our most treasured work of art. Our fine art albums are created out of our many hours of work capturing and creating your wedding story gallery and designing your album. There is a delicate balance to create a beautiful album that is both succinct and inclusive. We note your favourites, and create a story that you’ll proudly keep on display and frequently visit to be taken back to your wedding day. We don’t simply put together an album quickly or with little thought. Each page works together to tell a visual story and equally bring out the life of the artwork we have created for you.

Our albums are designed in our studio by our very talented graphic designer, Jess. She works hard to crop, enlarge, combine and detail your album and then get it print ready for proofing and any final changes.

It is then sent to our QLD printers who use only the finest museum grade archival paper, ensuring longevity. Our paper is matt finished and you’ll have no issues with fingerprints. Flat lay, huge double page spreads and a hardcover mean that this is not only an album but a piece of art and the best part, its uniquely you! It is an absolute pleasure to hold and turn the pages.

Our fine art albums are included in our Heirloom Collection or can be added to any of our collections if requested.

Starting from $410, ask us how today.