When Jenn met Ryley.

Two worlds brought together by the Mediterranean Sea; the love story of Jenn and Ryley began like a scene from a Hollywood movie. A spontaneous kiss brought the two young travelers together after a night of dancing in the city of Split, Croatia as Jenn was working on the super yachts, while Ryley was on the trip of a lifetime throughout Europe with friends. Neither of them knew that a serendipitous moment of locking eyes in a nightclub would create their romantic ‘love at first sight’ connection.

A moment of sheer embarrassment was one soon to be cherished forever by Jenn, as at the time she had regrettably shared her desire to meet the mysterious tall, dark and handsome man from across the room. “Him, I want to kiss him.”

As all women know, your girlfriends will do anything they can to find their besties the man of their dreams. So, like any wonderful friend, Jenn’s bff strolled across the room en route to bring the two unknown lovers together. “Can you please kiss my friend?”

As Jenn recalled the encounter as complete and utter humiliation, you can almost envision the instant her face turned a rosy red, and she pretended to disappear on the spot. All of a sudden Ryley stepped towards her, gently grabbed her face in the palm of his hands and said “can I kiss you?” Speechless, but agreeably nodding, the movie scene began. The most magical embrace, and kiss of a lifetime. “Hello, I am Ryley.”