Our Expectations
(aka terms & conditions)  

Our style and creative process  

You agree to Muse Photography’s artistic interpretation of each moment captured and each image developed. We as artists require a space of freedom to create our work. Failure by the photographer to take any or produce any specific photograph (even if listed and discussed prior) shall not be a reason or cause for the Client to make claim for missing photography as long as sufficient photographs have been taken for the coverage booked. Our artistic interpretation may include the use of alternative angles, unusual or unconventional lighting techniques, depth of field, the inclusion of grain and the use of flash. It also may include using editing techniques that underexpose, add noise or create depth and texture. You are welcome to view our portfolio, ask to see more work or ask as many questions as you wish to help make your decision. We are creative story tellers and we pursue our unique style confidently. We encourage working with clients who respect and value this style.

No unedited photos will be supplied. We will shoot as many photos as we need, remove any substandard and/or repeats and provide the rest on a USB/DISC in high resolution JPG. Turnaround is aprox 40-60 days from date of wedding.

Once your gallery USB or DISC has been received by you, we keep your images backed up for 3 months. If you require us to store for longer than three months, please choose the optional storage upgrade. We will make a physical copy and keep your gallery in our cloud storage.

Teresa Brincat of Muse Photography shall be the exclusive Photographer retained by you for the purpose of photographing your events. Guests, suppliers (or friends, acquaintances or relatives of suppliers) may photograph the event as long as the photos are for personal use only (i.e non commercial use, please inform your vendors of this) and they do not photograph poses arranged by our Photographers.

It is also important to note that other photographers not representing Muse Photography could affect our work by being in frame, bouncing flash light into our image, causing you and your guests confusion on which camera to look at and delay the overall time schedule of the day. While we have no issues in happy snappers, it is in your best interests that this be kept minimal and that they are aware of the conditions that we require to produce your story. This overrides any terms agreed by The Client with other suppliers regarding usage of images.  

Ownership of Images

The copyright in all parts of all artwork created as a result of your event shall belong to Teresa Brincat of Muse Photography. All photographic materials, including but not limited to the digital files, shall be the exclusive property of Teresa Brincat and Teresa Brincat will continue to hold the copyright to all images if digital files are purchased by the bride and groom.

You are authorized to make unlimited personal copies of the images however NO third party sale or commercial usage is permitted. If your suppliers wish to use images from your gallery (and you have given them permission), please have them contact Muse Photography direct to gain access of the images.

Muse Photography shall have the exclusive right to make reproductions for, but not limited to the Photographer’s portfolios, awards, displays, competitions and advertising.  

Deposits, Refunds and Losses

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure the booking. The balance is due 7 days before the event. We require this deposit to ensure we block off your date in our diary and turn away other bookings for your date.

Should you need to change the date of the event, you will not lose your deposit as long as the original date booked was not a peak date (October - April), and we are available on the new date. A $50 admin fee applies.

You releases Teresa Brincat from any liability for any claims whatsoever for consequential losses or in the event that photographic materials or digital data are damaged, lost through camera, card or battery malfunction or technological obsolescence, lost in the mail, deteriorate by any cause, or are otherwise lost or damaged. Should the Photographer be unable to perform due to fire, accident, casualty, act of God, strike, illness, or for any other reason, Muse Photography shall refund in full any payments made but neither the Photographer nor Muse Photography shall have any further liability.

In booking the services of Teresa Brincat of Muse Photography, you agree to the terms and conditions as stated above. Effective June 2017.